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Welcome to TisHelp’s Google Education Level 1 Certification Workshop. This workshop is designed to give you a general understanding of what is on the Google Level 1 Certification Exam as well as provide tips on how you can prepare for the exam.

This video is just a quick overview of how to navigate the workshop. The lectures in the workshop are free. These lectures will help you prepare for the certification exam on your own by giving you some tips for navigating Google’s exam prep content, providing a suggested timeline as well as answering some frequently asked questions regarding the exam.

We do have an online workshop that will help you prepare for the exam for $150. The last two lectures will provide more information about enrolling and accessing the facilitated workshop. The benefits of a paid workshop are it offers a facilitator to answer your questions and coach you through preparing for the exam, an interactive notebook with additional practices activities to help prepare for the exam and a certificate of completion. Google Classroom is used to facilitate the workshop activities so you will practice using Google Classroom as well as gain an understanding of Google Classroom from a student’s perspective.

The items along the left margin are the lectures of this workshop. You can navigate the through the workshop by clicking the links in the left margin or by simply clicking Complete and continue at the top right of the lecture screen. Some lectures have slides that allow you to scroll through the information by clicking arrows on the right side of the slide. Other lectures like this one have videos that will automatically play when you access the lecture. All video lectures have the video’s script posted under the video for your convenience.

The other resources lecture has a different format. Under the Resources heading, you will see a list of additional resources. Click the resource of interest for more information.

When you click on a resource, more information will appear on the main part of the page. Read the information and be sure to click on any additional links. Good luck as you prepare for your certification exam.