Working through Google's Fundamentals Training

This video is designed to give you tips on navigating Google’s content designed to help you prepare for the exam. The previous lecture provided a list of the topic areas and units related to the Google Level 1 Certification exam. If you have been using G Suite products, you might already understand some of the content.To help you save time preparing for the exam, I will also explain how I used lesson checks and exam reviews to determine which material I needed to explore in more detail and which exam material I already sufficiently understood.

On the main page of the Fundamentals Training, each unit has the number of lessons in that unit as well as an estimated amount of time to complete the lesson activities. That can seem a bit overwhelming for the average teacher but there are some things you can do to save time.

The first page of each unit includes what you will learn, the products covered, and skills needed. When I was preparing for the exam, I would skip to the unit review if I felt comfortable with the learning objectives, products covered, and skills needed. I used the unit review as a pre-assessment. If I scored 90% or above on the unit review, I would move on to the next unit. If I scored less than 90% on the unit review, I would go back and work through the lessons.

Each lesson also provides an estimated time for completion, readings, videos, activities as well as lesson checks. Once again if I felt comfortable with the lesson content, I would use the lesson check as a pre-assessment to determine how much time I needed to spend on the lesson. Most lesson checks have only four questions. If I scored a 100%, I moved onto the next lesson. If not, I spent some time going through the lesson material, watching the videos, and completing the activities.

I would retake the unit review after completing the lessons just to make sure that my score improved.

I found Google’s Fundamental Training Center helpful in preparing for the exam, but just didn’t think it was quite enough. I am very hands-on and just wanted more practice. I found this website created by Eric Curtis and it provided a list of exam skills for each G Suite product. So, I also went through this list to make sure I was comfortable with all the skills listed. A link to this website is available in the Other Resources lecture. A word of caution – this list was made a few years ago. It is helpful but some of the skills and/or products may not be available with the current version of G Suite.

If you enroll in the online workshop, you will receive an interactive notebook that lists the needed skills as well as provides practice scenarios. The interactive notebook is available for purchase at the TisHelp TeacherPayTeachers store. The link is included in the other resources lectures.